Change currency on estimated energy report

Currently the beta “estimated energy report” appears to be fixed as EUR currency. This should be configurable so users can select their home currency e.g GBP
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  • Rob

    To my knowledge this should be available already. UK Pounds and Euros. If it's not, it should be there shortly. Do make sure your app has been updated to the latest version.

  • eezytiger
    eezytiger ✭✭✭
    edited November 2021

    @Rob My Tado app was updated on Android two days ago. I see only the option for €, not £, but since you do not know my tariff and the energy market is in crisis I wonder how you can realistically put a monetary value on the energy used for heating the home?

    I'm quite happy to stick with kWh as the only unit. I can control the energy consumption. Control of the cost is out of my hands of the price is changing and is different for everyone (I'm actually on a two year fix) so it isn't useful to monitor it. It will be what it will be. And I can get accurate costs on a daily/monthly/annual basis from my energy company anyway, so why complicate Tado with woolly numbers?

    It's a bit like measuring the number of hours of heating. How is this useful? I'm using e-Bus, so the water temperature may be anything from 27-60 (my manually selected upper limit). Well 12 hours at 27C is not the same as 12 hours at 60C or something in between, so what use can I make of this data? It seems pretty arbitrary to me - data for the sake of data, but not actually useful to anyone. Have I missed something?

  • @Rob ; I've just found out about this feature, but I can't find where I can change the price per kWh. It's currently set to 0.07 EUR/kWh, but that's not what I am paying on my contract. How do I change that number?

  • Me too. I'm on app version 6.26.0 and I can't see how to change the price per kwH. Its set to 0.037 £/kwH which is close - just wondering if I could set it. Not on a smart meter at the moment but I have entered a few meter readings into my Tado.

  • eezytiger

    I'm now seeing a £ symbol and also £0.037 as my rate. My actual rate is £0.0331 + 5% VAT = £0.03476.

    But then there is the daily standing charge, not included above. And there's the electricity for the boiler pump, which will run on when the boiler is not burning gas. And there's gas not used for heating - cooking, showers, washing up - so what are the numbers supposed to represent?

  • It would actually be nice if we could select the currency. I see that for my country (Romania) the rate defaults to EURO and I can't change it to RON.

  • I see this issue us still not resolved now in Nov 2023.
  • I'd like to change the currency as well. I'm January 2024 is still not possible! 😕
  • Currency set to EUR and there is no way to switch to CHF. Feb 2024.

    I really like tado, but the App needs to see some love. A few tweaks would make tado so much better!