Support for 0.5 degrees temperature change (Tado Smart AC Control V3+)

Many modern AC units today support temperature change by 0.5C. Please add an ability to users to be able to control more precisely the AC temperature.

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  • Tado, can you look at this? This type of request is a must have to be honest.

  • Yes it's also really confusing when you have half degree increments set in the schedule and you try and move up and down on the wall unit. You have no idea if you've jumped up half a degree, a while degree or 1.5 degrees.

    Specifically I'm talking about the on wall thermostats.

  • Recently I got a thermostat for the boiler. I could not believe it when i found out that this "modern" and expensive thermostat does not support half degree changes. It's very disappointing having to go to the app for such a simple thing