Auto return to room schedule when temp has been manually set

The schedules are real flexible but sometimes you need to boost the temp. This you can do easily via the app or stat. What would be usefully would be able to select return to to normal automatic schedule on the next timed change to the room temp. We have had a number of occasions where someone felt cold tweaked the stat or app and forgot to return the system to scheduled control.
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  • cbd20
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    @ray4720 this can already be done.

    For changes physically on the device:

    Go to Settings - Rooms & Devices - click the room name - change the Manual Control on Device setting to "Until Next Time Block" (or whatever setting you want).

    Next time somebody physically tweaks the temp on the device it'll act as per this setting.

    For manual changes in the app:

    Change the temperature of the room you're interested in. Then click the pencil icon at the bottom and change it to "Until Next Time Block" (or whatever duration you want). The next time you manually change a setting for that room in the app, this setting will be remembered. Of course you can change it again by clicking the pencil next time.
  • After reading through other post I realised I had not been as observant as I should have been when using the app! As the answer posted points out it is possible to set a duration or next period. I’m new to the forum and didn’t do my resume before posting😉
  • Don't feel too bad @Ray4720 ! Your question (and Google) brought me here to the same answer!
  • Has anyone noticed an issue with this not working recently? Rooms and devices are set to “Until Next Time Block” but when I make a change on the Temperature Sensor it overrides the schedule. It has only started doing this recently so maybe a bug?
  • Yes I have the same issue. When changing the temp on de sensor or radiator thermostat I see the value change in the app. But after a short time it returns back to the program.

  • I set the manual to the timer setting, 15min. Saved,it. Exited the app, few minutes later set it back to Until next time block. Seems to work ok now.

  • I have the issue that when I manually change temperarure at heating it doesnt go back after a temperature change in the schedule...