Temporary scheduled override

On occasion, such as getting up early, it would be great to be able to set a temporary scheduled override rather than having to adjust timeblocks for a number of rooms etc.

Say the heating and hot water usually come on at 6am, but for this one day you need them to come on at 5am. With a temporary scheduled override you select the time and duration to boost (and perhaps what to boost) the night before, it boosts as scheduled and returns to normal scheduled once completed.
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  • This can be easily achieved using ALEXA (if you have it, of course) I use it on a regular basis if I feel I'm ( house ) suddenly getting too hot. It works great and when the "manual change" timer has finished it automatically reverts to your current schedules.
  • Thank @GrayDav4276, it would be good to have native support in the Tado app rather than having to rely on other apps.

    I find it all works great in the moment, and very efficient to respond when too hot or too cold, the frustration is knowing it is going to be too cold / not enough hot water when getting up early at 5am (when everything is set for a normal wake up of 7am). The options appear to be currently:

    • wake up at 4:30am and set manual overrides
    • tweak all the schedules back 2 hours the night before and then reset all the schedules later in the day
  • How to do that exactly with Alexa?
    I too would like to set heating on with a delay, temporary one tone wheels you could say.
    For example I want to stay heating up a room say 1 hour from now. But I want to keep my regular schedule untouched.