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I want to use some extension sockets etc made bu ENERGENIE (.com). They use a hub.

Will there be any interference between their hub and the TADO one?

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  • I'm told by Energenie, that they use 433MHz.

    Didn't realise that 868Mhz was a usable frequency.

  • Hi, I’ve had lots of interference problems in my house as the frequency is similar to my wireless alarm system. I’ve also been in touch with Tado technical department regarding this. Never have Tado offered to change the frequency of the Tado network. Can this be done as I still have issues?
    The frequency of the alarm system is 868Mhz.
  • Hi cheffo75,

    The frequency can't be changed, there are only parameters that can be altered to attempt to counter interference.

    However, if you have other devices on 868MHz, then you might not get around ensuring that there is at least 2-3 meters between all devices on this frequency.

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