Add 0.5 degree granularity to Smart Thermostat manual mode

0.5 degree granularity was recently added to the Smart Radiator Thermostat. I would also like to be able to raise the temperature manually by 0.5 degrees from the Smart Thermostat on my wall, instead of having to open the app.
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  • @Minnozz ,

    This could only be achievable if the hardware (wall thermostat) is physically able to display this ......I do not believe that the currently fitted display is able to show 20.5 (for example) as there is not a large enough display. This would require a completely new design of wall mounted Thermostat........not gonna happen any time soon.

  • So it's a design flaw then. Tado did a mistake on designing as 0.5 possibility is freaking missing.