would be really great if developers can adds widget for both android and iOS.

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  • Hayrack

    Widgets would be good

  • redtom_

    I’ve found one on the App Store, it’s called Home Widget. It allows you to create a widget for anything in the Home app. Just had a quick play, here’s an example of a widget showing the temp, I think (hope) you can also make buttons to turn the heating on and off etc.

  • RabanePaco
    With a widgdet you could monitor your room temperature and possibly other Tado parameters directly on your screen.
  • GazzaH
    edited April 2023

    Hello, widgets are optional shortcuts which some users may wish to make things quicker, easier or more efficient.

    If someone wants a widget to boost the central heating for 30 mins from the phone's home screen then it may just be one click, rather than a few clicks to open the app, find the screen, click an action.

    When I had Hive, I created some actions and put widgets on my home screen. I put 'heating boost 30 mins', 'hot water boost 30 mins', 'heating boost 1 hour' and 'hot water boost 1 hour'. If I wanted a short or long boost I could do it from there and not even need to go into the app.

    Why click 3 or 4 buttons when you can click 1?

    This is the whole point of widgets. It's not lazy, it's efficient. If it's considered lazy then so is geo-fencing or many other aspects of the technology which save the user from doing things manually.

    If Hive can allow it and Hive is less advanced then surely Tado can allow 'actions' and widgets?