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For those who are desperately asking Tado for years to add some range extender option to their product line-up, what follows may be worth reading :-)

Recently, as I was in the process of adding TRV's in rooms located in my attic, I faced the "good old" historical coverage issue of Tado's gateway.

The big issue is the fact the gateway only has Ethernet connectivity.

Why did Tado not make the gateway Wifi compatible ? In that case you could place it wherever it is the most optimum. The gateway, in it's main function, remains an antenna. In the ideal situation, you place an antenna in the most optimum position. The fact of being restricted by an Ethernet cable is not the best possible design in my opinion.

So, indeed, all it takes to solve the issue is a device acting as an Ethernet Wifi bridge.

Like this one :


And voilà :

Since then, offline TRV's are a story of the past.

Plus, I was able to add 4 new vans in our ceiling. The fact of placing the gateway in the physical center of the house basically solves all connectivity issues.

I hope this helps some of you :)

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  • caj109
    Very good work finding this out, I'm sure it'll help many people out on here as see this issue a lot.

    Here is a UK version too on amazon from the Vonet Store:

  • paul0000

    I'd tried this in the past also. The vonet devices, whilst fiddly to setup, do work well.

    In the end I spent the time (I shouldn't have to but I did), running a long USB cable and Cat5e cable to my loft and have the internet bridge up there (hanging upside down). I've seen about a 50% improvement in connectivity to my TRV's. I have 3 rooms that intermittently drop but nowhere near as much as before.

  • Data1704
    Can anyone provide a step by step guidance on how to configure the Vonets Repeater/Bridge, and how everything connects please.
    Many thanks in advance.