Alternate heat source

Would it be possible to have a button for alternate heat source. This would allow tado to work as normal but not trigger the boiler to come on. I have a back boiler that is used during the winter that heats the house and water so the boiler is not required in order to have the radiators open I currently leave tado to do its thing and isolate the boiler so when tado calls for heat the boiler doesn’t come on. While this is a simple and effective low tech workaround it throws tados analytics off as the heating times and energy savings are not correct. From time to time a also forget to flick the boiler switch and the following morning I wake up to a cold house.
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  • I'm currently trying to find the answer to this...did you find a solution for being able to use your fires back boiler to heat your rads if they have a smart TRV on?