A manually set temperature overrides the schedule. Let us know here if you don’t want this

I raised the following with Tado: If you indicate by geofencing that you are not at home, the heating will stop according to schedule, but not by manual settings. In other words, if you manually set the heating higher than according to the schedule and then leave, the heating will remain on.

I find this very impractical and also not sustainable. It has often happened to me that I leave the house under the assumption that the heating will go off, because it once was and that the heating will then remain on when no one is home.

Response from Tado: The "until next automatic change" feature was disabled more or less 2 years ago. From then on, the manual change will always override the geofencing detection. TI honestly doesn't know why this decision was made. What you can do is the following: I would like to kindly ask you to post your application for a new feature in the tado° Community, so that Community participants can participate in the discussion and vote about it. This feedback helps us determine what to change and which features to develop further.

Let us know here if you would like the scheme to be leading again with geofencing and not the manual change.
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  • I'd to have choice which setting is better to me and not to others. There should be option in settings allowing to choose which functions I want to override by manual mode..
    Some people leave house and want to keep house warm through manual mode because someone has left inside..
    Some leave house and want to turn heatig off through geofencing,
    Some want manual all the time..
    And some people, like myself would like to adjust temperature manually when i want it and put it back to schedule automatically at scheduled time..

    Tado team, this is simple improvement that will make people happier because they can actually program their "smart" thermostats.
    What is "smart" in this thing if i have to put it back to schedule manually every time kids play with it..
  • Unless I'm mistaken, I'm pretty sure there's a way around this. You can set a specific time period after a manual change has been made to any of your devices using the app.

    Tap the room you want to control (or I guess just the thermostat if you just have one), make a manual change using the slider and you will see at the bottom that it says 'until: [say 22:00, or possibly until I resume schedule]'. Tap the pencil icon beside the countdown and it give you a slider where you can set a bespoke time period. Set this to 'until next time block' and it will revert back to your schedule. Then tap 'resume schedule'.

    Repeat for any and all other rooms and devices you have. If want for it to revert back to schedule after someone has meddled with the device, you can just set it to revert after 5 minutes. Or if you want to stop them doing it altogether, you just apply the child lock.
  • Yes, you're absolutely right if you changing temperature on your app. I haven't made it clear, that I ment changes done manually from the unit.. Quite often is much easier to tap the device while passing it to rise or lower the temperature rather than walk around to search for the phone..
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    You could go on and on and on.....creating loads of weird and wonderful scenarios that "might" happen.

    You can set a timescale for "Manual" changes in Rooms & Devices.....this timescale can be different to the timescale when adjusting the Room on the Home screen.
    I have a timescale of 45 mins for "Manual" changes, which I set in the Rooms & Devices section. While I have selected "until next time block" in the Room tiles on the Home page.
    Perhaps you could experiment with your system.....there's loads of things to discover.
  • @GinoB have you tried the child lock :) ?
    Make them feel good about playing but actually not screwing up your schedule :)
  • @GrayDav4276, that's sort of what I was looking for, so my biggest tado concern is sorted now ;) Thanks for help.
    Do you know if this works with geofencing to sort out the original post issue?

    @Guillaumeve, sorry but I use room temperature sensor which seems not to have child lock.. or i just couldn't find it.. :)
  • My bad! @GinoB I had assumed you relied on the TRVs (which have a child lock in the app, in the device section).

    Maybe an app controlled max range of manual change can alleviate that! :D
  • Please reinstate the reversion to schedule of manual changes. What a daft idea to remove it. Removal means that small adjustment during the day ensures that the heating stays on all night. This is a pain and wastes energy.