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As with many people on the forum, I have had connectivity issues in a house with the router and bridge at one end of the house. In the end, I had to return some sensors back to a non TADO alternative.

I have just found that a tp-link powerline adaptor AV 1000, would allow the bridge to be connected remotely to the router.

This has allowed me to position the bridge on a socket in the middle of the house and connect all the devices.

The bridge is plugged directly into the av1000 and the bridge USB into a USB plug.
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  • I've installed one of these:

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    Set up in repeater mode, and turning off the wifi broadast, it turns the wi-fi signal into a lan connection to attach the Tado bridge to. Now I can locate the bridge in the centre of the house, which is where it needs to be👍

    If anyone from Tado is reading this, let's examine some facts:

    1. Most people's routers are on the border of their property, where the broadband enters.

    2. The Tado bridge ideally needs to be in the centre of the property.

    For heaven's sake, it's not hard to work out - get a wifi version of the bridge out there!
  • I'm surprised there are no more comments, particularly from tado or regular contributors, as range extension is one of the most discussed problems on this forum.

    I have a TP-link RE450 extender and will see whether this can be used for this purpose.

    Come on all you supporters (and doubters) let's have some discussion on this possibility!

  • This should work but all I get is the bridge leds flashing.


  • Talking to myself again. Typical of this forum.

    Well my TP-Link RE450 v3 does not work. I can get the three lights on the bridge when I place it next to the router but not when it is 25ft away. When it is next to the router and has 3 lights on, it only connects to the nearer trvs so the etherneet connection (Gigabite) must be too slow.

  • davidlyall

    Do you mean that the bridge works when connected to the TP-Link and located near your internet router but doesn't work if you move it 25ft away?

    Perhaps there's WiFi interference in the property or from another local router. I have a Warmup 4iE thermostat for my conservatory underfloor heating. It suddenly had issues connecting to WiFi which turned out to be due to another house in the street using the same WiFi channel as my router. Using WiFiAnalyzer app to suggest a new channel, I manually set it to another channel and that resolved the issue. It wasn't a problem for devices in the house but the conservatory is effectively outdoors so the signal was much weaker as it was travelling through more walls and insulation.

    Worth a try as your router will select the best channel for its location which may not be ideal for where you want to place the TP-Link

    Regardless, using a device like your TP-Link doesn't really help people with large houses as you still have only one bridge but if you can get it to work for your house then that's all you need

  • Works but poorly when next to router. Three lights on and connects to all but the three furthest trvs, even though these trvs connect to the bridge when it is plugged in the router at the same position.

    This was one of the best extenders in reviews before I bought it. Having said that I have had issues with it conflicting with the router and making the wifi worse at times, then I unplug it and everything is ok until next time. If I understood the technology I may be able to sort out what causes these conflicts.

  • Even though 'wifi' runs at 2.4 and/or 5 GHz and the wireless used by Tado at 0.868 GHz, the strong signal from the 'wifi' might still overwhelm the receiver, so I'd consider using a long ethernet cable to connect the Tado 868 MHz-ethernet bridge to the ethernet-'wifi' bridge. Or just a long cable to the router/switch in the first place.

    It could also help to use a passive repeater (made from two antennas for 868MHz comnected by a long cable). Am antenna for 868MHz from Ali is cheap, making your own dipole from 2 pieces of about 9cm of stiff wire is even cheaper...

    Wireless is kinda nice for mobile devices, but in general it just sucks, if you can, go for a wired solution.
    73, PC1PCL