Smart Rads power by rechargeable lithium ion AA batteries

Hi I just wanted to to share some tips that we can use the rechargeable lithium ion AA batteries. We can't keeps on replacing the alkaline AA as it only last about 6 months.
I bought some Kentli brand it it does the job.
It is still in the early days to see how long it last before indeed to recharge them. But I am hopeful that we could all contribute to save the planet.
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  • This should be an absolute must. Any rechargeable batteries with do for me.

  • Don't treat this as gospel but I believe that due to the different way Alkaline and Lion batteries discharge fitting a Lion battery to a device designed for an Alkaline would 'confuse' its ability to report how much capacity is left.

    I would not expect this to prevent using them but you might have to ignore its estimate of charge left.

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