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I'm about to purchase Tado for house I'm currently getting build. And from what I've read online, Tado works with HomeKit for adjusting the temperature of the thermostats etc.

Just wanted to know from what I can see the Tado app displays things like the Humidity. Is this something that also displays within HomeKit? If not is that a restriction from Tado or HomeKit?

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  • JRE

    It would be really useful for the Tado to surface the current temperature and humidity values as HomeKit sensors. The data is there and visible in the app, but we can't automate based on it.

  • Armand

    Tado should provide iPhone/Siri Shortcuts

  • dalmata22

    how is it possible that Tado has not exposed commands to Siri Shortcuts?

  • Stretchy
    Completely agree. Hey Tado - when are you going to surface temp and humidity data so that HomeKit automations can act upon it?