Air Source Heat Pumps


I have just replaced my Tado controlled gas boiler with a Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pump.

I emailed Tado and enquired if they had any experience in using Tado in conjunction with such a device. The reply came back that I should put my enquiry here. Perhaps Christmas has come early!

It doesn't seem the logical place to me and I have looked at a few entries in other sections without gaining much information.

Heat pumps must be the coming thing, so perhaps the Forum should start an area specifically covering heat pump control.

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  • Caillte

    Completely Agree,

    Air sourced heat pump are being massively pushed here in Ireland and are being installed in all new houses. No more gas boilers. I'd imaging it'd have to be a completely separate range of products and software from the existing product as the technology is completely different and electric of course. But from a smart point of view the possibilities are endless when you look as time of use and smart meters and when the best time would be to heat your house in the most. efficient way.

  • sobriain
    sobriain ✭✭✭

    I use tado valves now on all radiators with an air to water heat pump. There is no control of the heat pump from tado devices. The heat pump is mean to be on all the time. Room heating can be turned off in summer and then just used for domestic hot water.

    I can control the temperatures in the individual rooms and schedule activity with the tado app. Heat pumps are much slower than conventional boilers so time has to be allowed for set temperatures to be reached.

    I have a redundant tado boiler control unit.

    I am very happy with the system

  • Hi! For some reason my Tado won’t turn on. I have a 16kw Samsung ASHP so it’s def big enough. Do I need to re set-up the system? I guess, my question for you first movers is what adjustments did you make to your Tado system to keep your home toasty?
  • I’ve a new Samsung AE80 heat pump that I want to use with my old Tado setup and Octopus Agile. I’ve currently setup up complicated automation with HomeKit/HomeBridge to get everything working. Tado should make life simpler. Help please.