Allow changing temperature if one device in a group of two or more loses connectivity


I initially reported this as a bug to online support, then they told me it works by design and should bring it up here instead. Which doesn't make sense to me but still, they didn't leave me with any options.

It appears that if one device in a group is offline, you can't control any of the remaining ones through the UI. Instead the entire room shows up as "no remote access". Which doesn't make sense to me. In my case

1) I have a room with one temperature sensor and three SRTs

2) when one SRT drops offline (per the screenshot below) it's only reasonable I should still be able to control the room. sure enough, one SRT is offline, but no reason this should affect the temp sensor and the two other SRTs. Being able to get 66% of heat is better than zero heat

Couple of screenshots follow to illustrate my point.

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  • GrayDav4276
    I agree with you, this seems stupid.
  • Gabs
    @mperedim :
    Your setup ( if i understand it right) is overcomplicated for no good reason. One shouldn't have 4 different sensors in one room. I would use regular valves on all radiators in the same room, keep them all on fully open, and control the flow via your single wireless room termostat.
  • mperedim
    @Gabs regular valves would let hot water flow even if another unrelated floor/room needs heat and result in unnecessary costs. Independent TRVs without a zone controller would have similar limitations.
  • pjb904

    Yep - I agree. If the system sees one TRV down - please don't shut down control of the whole room!

  • MrArius

    Almost a year later and I have had the exact same experience. 1 room with 7 TRvs and a wireless temperature sensor set as the "measuring device". 1 of 7 TRVs went offline and the whole room is forced offline. Reported it to support but apparantly "it's not a bug, it's a feature" (lol) and I should bring it to the community. So here we are, I have submitted my upvote :)

    @Gabs if one wants individual room control that's not really an option, also the central heat source and/or main mixing valve would need to be supported by tado, which it is not in my case.

  • johnnyp78

    I get the impression that a lot of this stuff was coded when Tado was starting up and then just left. Can't see any reason why this is a 'feature'.

  • Kissarmy
    Same problem so another upvote for this.