Control even and odd weeks respectively

I'm wondering, could it be possible to control schedules for odd and even weeks in the application?

Biweekly (even weeks) my two children stays at my place, and biweekly (odd weeks) they stay with their mother. Quite normal nowadays which is why I think it makes good sense to have the option to lower the temperature in the two rooms biweekly.

Just a suggestion to improve an already fantastic product/application.
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  • @GrayDav4276 Because I spent money on a smart system so I could set it up and it would then run. If I was happy to manually switch it between schedules I would have just stuck with my old dumb thermostat and done that. This device was marketed as having a smart schedule, so it should be smart.

  • I suggested Tado via IFTTT that I'd like to have Tado action of geofencing to auto / geofencing home. As I have my child weeks marked to my separate google calendar this would make possible to use home mode when my kids are with me and auto mode when kids are with their mother.
  • CrogUk

    SOUnds like this should add to the votes for Geofencing per room per person — tado° Community