Limit user access / privileges

We have family members who visit our house when we're away sometimes. We've added them (their phones) as Tado users so that the geofencing detects when they're here.

Some of them have a temptation to change the settings which I don't then notice for a while.

Is there a way to limit other users' ability to change the settings (i.e. Limit their access/privileges) whilst keeping their phones working for the geofencing?

I guess this might be useful for parents/children and landlords/tenants too.

Thanks in advance.


  • Hello timf,

    At the moment it there's no difference among users. Every user can change all the settings.

    Your suggestion for different levels of access is interesting, we kindly suggest you to open a poll in our Suggestions & Ideas section, where all our users can vote for the developments you find interesting. This help us keeping track of what features our customers are interested in.



  • Very good idea. I think people should be allowed to change settings however owner or master controller should be advised when settings have been changed by user 1, 2 or 3 etc
  • @"Germán", why have you answered the question this way when different levels of user access has been on the road map for probably nearly 2 years now, along with all the other updates promised?
  • Hello MarkC

    Because at the moment is not available.

    And having the input of what's interesting for our customers will help us deciding wich developments to prioritize.



  • Hi German, I know it’s not available, it has been for a long time and still is on the development road map and I’m puzzled as to why you say it’s an interesting suggestion of the OP and for them to start a poll.

    There was a similar question asked on the Twitter feed a couple of days ago about the child lock function, also on the road map!!
    Why do you even publish such things if there is no intention of actually releasing the features as it currently appears be?

    I for one would like both these features.
  • I too would find this very useful. At the simplist level, allow geo location to work, but don't allow manual changes.
  • Yes I have a paying guest and would like two tiers of password ie an administrator and a lower level for changing schedules and manual changes to specific TRVS. I was promised this a year ago and would like clarification on this from Tado please.
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