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Limit user access / privileges

We have family members who visit our house when we're away sometimes. We've added them (their phones) as Tado users so that the geofencing detects when they're here.

Some of them have a temptation to change the settings which I don't then notice for a while.

Is there a way to limit other users' ability to change the settings (i.e. Limit their access/privileges) whilst keeping their phones working for the geofencing?

I guess this might be useful for parents/children and landlords/tenants too.

Thanks in advance.


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  • I am a landlord/parent and would also like this functionality!

  • As a parent, I want to limit permissions for my kids.

  • The geo-fencing feature only fully works if everyone in the house has the app on their phone. Therefore you need to have the ability to have different access levels.
    For example, parents have full access and kids have limited access to just change temperature at certain times of day and in certain rooms
  • I bought tado on the basis that this was on the roadmap back in 2017. Still waiting...

  • I just bought Tado and after installing this was the first thing I looked for.

    Each user should have a level of access that suits their needs. A young child for example may only need geofencing, while a teenager may need geofencing and specific room control.

    What about guest access for visitors to ensure the home is comfortable for their needs without giving them direct control of everything for the duration of their stay?

    Allowing every user full access to the account is mind boggling. User access control and restrictions/permissions seems an obvious requirement for such a system. I genuinely thought I was simply having a moment when I couldn’t find it.

    Please add separate users with permissions and restrictions that cover all the functionality of the app. I need to be able to add a users, tick a few boxes to let them fiddle with what they need to and keep them from changing anything they don’t need access to.

  • Oh, in addition to my previous post. Where conflicts in settings occur, as they undoubtably will, perhaps have a hierarchy of control for the users. Then when a user is unable to make changes due to a higher user having already defined the settings, provide a notification telling them who to contact if they need to make changes.

    You could even bake in an alert system telling the user currently in control of the setting that user x is attempting to make a change and giving them the option to allow or deny it.

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