Floor heating -> Open Window Detection = keep current heating setting


Hi, open window detection works fabolous for me in terms of recognizing open windows quickly.

However, for floor heating, the action of switching off heating for a short 5-10min ventilation of a room does not make a lot of sense from my point of view since the floor heating is anyhow quite slow in reaction (compared to radiator heating).

How about adding an additional option that a detected open window leads to keeping the heating setting for X amount of minutes, that had been set before the open window was detected?

So if heating was high before, it stays high, if heating was off, it stays off etc for the configured amount of minutes in the open window detection settings.

This would lead to less utilization of the electric valves.

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  • UndIch
    I was just in contact with the support for the same thing! For everyone using a slower heating system like underfloor heating the actual “open window detection” is a bad thing - no matter if turned on or off.
    If it’s turned on the valves will be moved for no reason - there won’t be any effect in this short amount of time —> wasted energy for valve moving (with floor heating valves it’s more then one expects …)
    It it’s turned off the thermostat will recognize the temp drop and will open up the valves —> wasted energy for opening the valves AND the hot water used in this 15 min without any effects.

    It would be an easy fix - especially if you always claim to have a learning system like tado does. So it should be:
    “If using a slow heating system, when open window is detected, ignore temp drop for xx (e.g. 15) min and freeze the current valve state.”
    That sound for my like a no-brainer to put in …