Allow "Auto" within HomeKit

Many smart heating systems when exposed to HomeKit allow the use of "OFF, HEAT and AUTO", even Drayton Wiser which can only be exposed through a custom made plug-in via homebridge can use AUTO.

The AUTO function (at least as I see it) would allow the system to return back to the current schedule. For example, in HomeKit I have a custom Boost Living Room scene that will set the living room to 25deg for period of 40 minutes (with the help of Tado's Manual Control setting within their app), yet I can't return to the original schedule without going into the Tado app and resuming.

Considering this is marketed as 'Works with HomeKit', It's impossible to use Tado with HomeKit exclusively and get the same 'core' function.

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  • This is one of the main things I miss with Tado too. Ok, you can change the setting to return to auto after a set time or when the next scheduled event starts but I really miss this button within HomeKit. I hope this will be updated soon since I can't use the HomeKit automation with Tado because I can never get it back to the schedule up on commando from within HomeKit.

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    We have physical sensors on a couple of windows that tend to get opened a lot. Via HomeKit I can turn off the heating when the window is opened, but I can't find a way to return the heating to schedule when the window is closed. This is a really basic use-case but Tado doesn't support it.

  • @Ditsy Yes, that's exactly what I miss too, but from my understanding, they don't add it because there is no need to take their subscription service. The auto window detection doesn't work for me since it is only possible to set it for a fixed time, which never works out. It is either too long or too short.

    One other option you have is to check out (but you need something like Raspberry PI). With this, you can connect Tado to Homekit via HomeBridge and then it is possible to enable Auto directly from Homekit. I had some issues with it in the past, but I think I will give it another try since there is no sign of Tado adding it any time soon.

  • Ditsy
    Ditsy ✭✭✭

    @iRuben Honestly, it does give that impression at first glance, however with the Google Integration you used to be able to return to schedule (I haven't used it in ages, so can't say whether that's still the case). So it may just be a case of them favouring Google, or maybe the devs on the HomeKit team were working to a different remit?

    Some of the Homebridge plugins we were using were just too unstable and it all wanted more time than I have available so I disconnected it recently. I need stuff that requires less management! I'm reassessing what's possible with HomeKit alone these days, and I'm going to wait and see how the smart home options alter once Matter and Thread have been around for a while. I think Tado has to do something that accommodates these, and if they don't I imagine a different brand will start to emerge as far more appealing.

  • I bought a Tado and a Sensibo this week to use with my reverse cycle (heat pump) AC units. Was surprised to find the Sensibo can do Off/Cool/Heat/Auto but Tado only has Off/Cool/Heat!