Energy IQ Improvements, look back and electricity

The energy IQ feature is on the right track. I would like to see a few improvements though.

Being able to look back to maybe a years worth of inputs by swiping on the graph would be good.

Also being able to add your electricity readings in so you can keep tabs on electric radiators/air conditioners etc.

Wouldn’t anyone else like to see these things added?

Also when you add a reading, it seems to take a long while before it actually appears on the graph?
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  • Aguilaaa
    Exactly what I came here to say
  • Allow to keep track of both gas and electricity. In the end they together make up your energy consumption 😌. Even with Tado there will still be the possibility of water or heating solutions in homes that don't use gas. As Tado had less impact on this, the savings might be perceived as less significant, but that is easily to prevent by just basing the savings only on gas.
  • johnnyp78
    Your Tado system isn’t controlling the electricity though. I would look at a third party app like Hugo or loop if you have a smart meter.
  • WillYZF

    I use OVO for my energy and using their App I daily look at my previous days consumption for gas & electricity.

    I might add I have noticed a significant reduction in gas consumption since installing a Tado thermostat.