Connecting extension kit to Glow Worm Energy 35C boiler - can't get it to work?

I'm struggling getting my extension kit to connect into my new Glow Worm Energy 35C boiler. The instructions show connecting the wires to the - and + connections of the extension kit, and the other end into the EBUS - and + in the boiler. While this powers the extension kit, it doesn't switch the heating on and off. Is this the correct way to wire it up? I have no heating at the moment 😫

Tado support hasn't come back to me yet.

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  • GrilledCheese2
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    When you connected the ebus wires in the boiler the adjacent pins on the plug were probably labelled 24V & RT. You need to connect a short piece of wire between these two terminals. You’ll probably see something similar for two more terminals labelled burner off.


  • If your previous thermostat was using relay control, not EBUS, then you’ll need to disable the relay mode in the boiler before the EBUS will work. Usually done with a bridge wire between two terminals. If your previous thermostat was using EBUS then I suggest the extension kit has not been configured correctly.

  • Thanks for the reply. The previous boiler was not using EBUS. I have no idea where to disable relay mode and the boiler instructions do not mention it. Any ideas?

  • Jas
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    Yes I saw those connections. My plumber is back tomorrow, I'll get him to wire it this way and report back on here. Thanks again.

  • ah, also, should the orange relay be in position 1 or position 2 ?

  • If you’re referring to the orange connector in the extension kit I don’t think it has any effect when using the digital interface - only affects the 230V terminals.

  • Jas
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    OK I connected up as we've spoken about and it seems to be working fine!

    So for summary:

    Only use - and + connections in the extension kit, and connect the other end into the EBUS - and + in the boiler

    Make sure to leave to loop wire in between RT and 24V.

    I am still waiting for Tado support to confirm I've done the right thing, but as I say, it's working as expected. 🤩

  • Hi @Jas ,

    You can definitely trust the answers provided by @GrilledCheese2 .......he is very, very knowledgeable regarding tado° devices and setups.

  • You are absolutely right, he did fix my issue and for that I am very thankful, especially as I had no heating! Thanks @GrilledCheese2 🙏