Support scenes for HomeKit and expose Quick Actions as shortcuts


Dear tado team,

Defining schedules in the tado app is great, however there is little integration with Homekit, which makes building of one's smart home setup hard.

It would be fantastic if you'd expose Quick Actions (Turn off the heating, Resume schedule in all rooms, Resume schedule per room) available as scenes for Homekit. Please look into how Philips Hue is doing just that - Hue app allows to configure advanced and complex light scenes and offers option to add these to Homekit as scenes. This way I can ask Siri to trigger them conveniently, without the need to open the Hue app.

Same thing would be ideal for tado. Today it's impossible to resume scheduled heating from Homekit directly - I can manage shutters, light and more but not this. It seems a must have option that will bring your app and devices to the new level.

Kind Regards


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  • This, so we don’t need to rely on tado geofencing and other stuff. Home app can sort out that part and all the other basic stuff and tado can work in the background for complex scheduling.

  • We have an Eve sensor on our patio door. Opening the door permanently overrides the program. We need it to be temporary so if we leave the door open for a few minutes when we close it again the programs resume. As it is it makes the door sensors useless and your door / window open sending is not infallible.
  • KelvinS
    They’re blatantly trying to force people into the ridiculous geofencing subscription ’service’. I’d love for them to prove me wrong…
  • GrayDav4276
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    Hi @KelvinS
    You may be right.....but I hope not tbh

    I personally think it more likely that tado° either
    A) don't have the resources to dedicate the required time to achieve this...or
    B) simply don't have the capability at this point.
  • rafm5
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    @Gerynant24 Are you referring to Apple HomeKit?

    I claim that it's more issue with the sensor itself rather than the HomeKit. Are you on Bluetooth / Thread?

  • AndrzejCz


    I think that @Gerynant24 is referring to the fact that because tado does NOT expose HomeKit friendly APIs, any modification done outside tado app is treated as manual change and it's not possible to return automatically to the schedule.

    What we need here is access to "Resume schedule" action from HomeKit (and tado must provide this to Homekit. As per my original post, it shouldn't be hard since e.g. Philips is doing that)