Activate open window detection with external window sensors


I would like to be able to use my window/door sensors to activate ‘open window detected’. This would be a great improvement as it will speed up this process and will keep ‘open window detected’ on until I close window/door.

I know this can be done indirectly by setting the heater to “off” with ifttt but this means that it will not be registered as an open window in the statistics and air quality stats.

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  • milfredo
    I would like this feature to as my kitchen valves don’t always detect an open door or window and carry on pumping out heat. I have HomeKit window and door sensors so would like these to work nicely with Tado without affecting the stats.
  • Jakosaur
    Jakosaur ✭✭✭

    100% agree here! 🙂

    Open Door/Window -> OWD for room enabled forever -> Close Door/Window = the shutoff duration starts (length setting per room to allow for temperature to go back to normal) -> If there was a manual control before the Door/Window being opened, return to manual control if end time hasn't already passed.

  • lordz_md

    I just bought this. So Tado wireless room thermostat detected "open" window when I just move the thermostat around. But when I left the 2 windows open and the temperature dropped it still kept the boiler on. True window sensors like the one alarm companies use which will actually send a command that windows are open Is definitely a good addition to the set-up.

  • Please develop support for window/door detectors. This would be great!

  • MauriM

    Totally Agree

    Would be perfect if tado exposes API via Alexa ( or others as Home Assistant or IFTTT )

    So to create Routines for setting window open and window close

    In my case the Windows detection on average detects open windows.. but we do sometimes keep windows open for a few minutes.. while other times for hours.. we do need to drive the window closure ( and opening ) via a sensor

    I do use the Alexa routines for switching off (manual mode) and back to schedule

    I did have to set manual mode "until the user doesn't change it"

    But I do face side effects "losing" the features of manual mode when manually changing temperature from the tados, I do have to manually restore the schedule ( of course my wife doesn't )

    please help!

  • rafm5
    rafm5 ✭✭✭
    edited January 2022

    tado° system uses its own network protocol, it is not compatible with ZigBee, Bluetoth, Z-Wawe or incoming Thread.

    Regretfully, only new hardware can bring more potential to tado° ecosystem. See more here

  • Rolan

    You can use the tado Api to change the Zone Overlay to whatever you need. For example heating to Off. I am doing this over Node Red with a 3rd party Lorawan door/window sensor. If anybody is interested i can send them the node red flow.