Maximum Temperature of the Boiler


I use tado on eBus interface.

I want to set up myself the maxim temperature from the boiler.

The condensing boilers are most efficient at 55-60%.

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  • BOG73

    @ValentinM you can lower the max heat water temp by customer support.You can ask to have your boiler at max 55-60 and they will do this on their side,otherwise you can't change the max water temp if you use opentherm/+-.

  • Alexx

    I have bumped into this issue as well with my boiler that is connected on the eBus interface.

    The boiler would start with a flow temperature of 80 degrees, a temperature i am not comfortable with.

    I have reached out to customer support and they limited the max flow temperature to 55 degrees.

    An option in the app where you can adjust the maximum flow temperature would be a nice feature, just as with the hot water where supported.