Add a lock mechanism to Smart Radiator Thermostat


Currently anyone can easily unmount Tado Smart Radiator Thermostats, accidentally or on purpose. This can damage the device.

Users other than the owner/maintenance team should not be able to unmount the Smart Radiator Thermostat.

Please add a lock mechanism to prevent easily unmounting the radiator thermostat.

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  • Yes please!! I run a BnB and my guest always manage to unscrew the whole radiator thermostats while trying to operate them. They don't understand they have to operate at the end of the thermostat. This way the radiator is at 100% on and temperatures are burning up all my tado-savings... Please add a screw or lock or make it clear where to operate the device.

  • The whole system isn't designed with privilege levels or scaling in mind... The issues with physical vulnerability are just another aspect of that. Guests could also just mess with the sensors, or use tinfoil to cut off the control signal to the valve actuator when it is open.

    Maybe glued on, 3D printed (or cobbled from a bog-roll core) shroud extending the rotating part to cover the rest of the body would help to clue in hapless guests accidentally twisting off the knobs and not being able to put them back properly.