One important feature is missing on the app. All the settings are related to the temperature measured by device. There is no selection for "FULL OPEN" or "FULL CLOSE" what sometimes we need to.

I have Vaillant Boiler with Vaillant eRelax Room Termostat. While i'm using it together with tado on my all radiators, there is a risk that tado can close all of them. So my boiler can create failure.

I contact with tado support but they adviced below options;

- If all your radiators are equipped with tado°, remove one Smart Radiator Thermostat from one of the radiators located closest to the boiler and leave the radiator without a thermostat permanently. Or replace the Smart Radiator Thermostat with a conventional radiator thermostat that can be left open at all times.

- If your heating system doesn’t have a bypass, you may need to install a bypass valve (differential pressure regulator). This ensures that your heating system maintains a constant pump pressure and a constant flow rate. We recommend having this installed by a professional plumber.

But if tado adds "FULL OPEN" selection on the app, this will be easiest solution.

Thanks in advance, hope you care your customers advice.

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  • andyblac
    andyblac ✭✭✭

    But, this defeats the purpose of Tado˚ SRT, and why would spend the money on a SRT only to disable all of it features. IMO this request make no sense.

  • KnNLmS

    If i want to full open by bypassing the thermostat on the Smart Radiator, i should be able to do that. I'm removing the device from its place to do that, why? Why don't you add a manual control option which bypasses the thermostat and listen only my commands...

  • luteijn
    It seems I'm not the only one that wants to have full control over the 'smart' TRVs (and the relays). All that people like me really would want is to be able to have remote control over the valves and boiler, and (more or less fully) tweak when the different parts of the CH system turn on/off c.q open/close.

    Though I know that there are people that like or even depend on them, I don't think I need any fancy cloud-based AI, an app on my phone, or monthly subscriptions. Just want to buy actuators, as those are relatively hard to make yourself and be both functional and compatible with the other people you live with.

    I already have a computer at home and ways to access it when not physically at the console, and would be happy to just leverage all that and write my own logic, scheduling and even UI.

    I guess people like me just want to upgrade from a bicycle to a car, not to users of a taxi-service.
    Why NOT just sell us a car, instead of forcing a driver to be bought along with it (or vice versa). And why can't we be allowed to just tell our drivers to drive us to a supermarket at a specific address, instead of having to somehow getting across we want food, and let the driver decide to then take us to the restaurant of their choice...
  • KnNLmS

    We need API access and manual control ability!

    TADO are you still there? You're upgrading the software very often, but i don't see any improvements, nothing changed on our side while controlling it. Even if you do your job very good, i would like to do it my own way if i want...