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Heating Activity on Home Screen Tile


On the Home Screen, some tiles have additional icons within them. The Hot Water has a dripping tap, the Air Comfort has a wind symbol, rooms that are in Frost Protection have a power on/off symbol.

My question: Why can’t “active” rooms also have an icon within the tile to indicate current heating state, by making use of the three “wavy” lines. As illustrated in the image.

Please promote this suggestion. Thanks.

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  • I agree plus these tiles do not scale correctly on the smaller screens found on ‘phones resulting in truncation of the “Set to….and Heating to….” message.

    This can easily be solved with the use of the heating icons as suggested and showing the set temperature in, for example, parentheses. 20 (21) similarly you can show if the smart schedule is active or if manual override is active, open window, humidity etc etc. you don’t need words to communicate these data.