Humidity trigger

I think it would be nice to have a humidity trigger as well as temperature trigger.
As an example I have a TRV in the basement where the desired humidity is btw 60-70 and the temperature is not really important. It would be great if the TRV kicks in when the humidity is as an example above 70
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  • A great idea, since I spent many hours last winter managing room temps to keep humidity < = 60%, but it would need to take into account external humidity level, e.g., today 66%.
  • If you use apple, the homekit integration has a humidity trigger. It's also exposed on IFTTT , and with advanced functionality, and with their pro account you can add multi-action and take into account other inputs as a filter (ie external weather).

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    Why IFTTT - This should not require 3rd party apps and 3rd party eco systems. Step1: pls add a notificatio if humidity exceeds x%. Step 2 add a trigger *In the app* to turn on heating. The functionality is all there based on temp - now just add a 2nd trigger: humidity with an OR ligic.