"Advance Heating" Feature


This is a standard feature in most heating systems - some form of control to advance the heating to its next programmed state.

Scenario - it's 22:00 and I want to go to bed early and turn the heating off. The heating is programmed to be on until 23:00. Of course if I TURN OFF all rooms that works, but the problem here is that the heating won't come on in the morning until I manually TURN ON all rooms.

This is really a very basic requirement for a system that markets itself as a flagship product - please could it be added as soon as possible.

Thanks, Marcus

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  • Pixel666

    Agreed - this is a pretty standard feature. However, unlike “Boost all rooms”, this would have to be implemented at room level (otherwise you might actually turn the heating on in a room where it’s already off as scheduled). An alternative might be to switch off the heating for a certain period (eg: 1 hour).