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I just want to suggest that in your energy IQ feature that you allow the user to enter two rates (a day rate and a night rate) if they are on an economy 7 energy deal. otherwise, this feature is useless to me.

Also, most people in the UK have a standing rate too.

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  • Hi @Jam3zs

    Please excuse my ignorance, but I thought that Economy 7 was a differential Electricity rate, and has nothing to do with Gas usage.

    The tado° Energy IQ feature is supposed to provide information on a users "Heating Usage"........however it only utilises the overall Gas Consumption of the property. It then (apparently) "guesstimates" the "Heating Usage".

    If your heating is mainly/partly electric, then the tado° Energy IQ cannot predict your usage.

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    @GrayDav4276 question is though, WHY does it guesstimate all if we are using a OpenTherm link, as it knows what gas is been consumed for each Heating and Water.

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    Hi @andyblac

    Are you saying that tado° "knows" if the boiler (my boiler is a"hot water priority" combi boiler) is activated by CH or HW.........I wish that I could believe that, and if that is true, then I will be very impressed with tado°.

    I can't "see" how tado° knows how often I use my gas oven and gas if tado° is able to determine whether the boiler is activated by CH or HW why do they require users to input a gas meter reading ??🤔

    I would love to be wrong in my assumption regarding the "Guesstimate" and I look forward to seeing a tado° response.

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    @GrayDav4276 OpenTherm knows what the boiler was fired up for (digital link does not use the CH or HW relays), and can send this data to the thermostat. It would just be a matter of Tado˚ using this data.

    There is all sorts of data that is provided by OpenTherm that Tado˚ could use in it's IQ section.

  • @andyblac
    Thanks for that 👍
    Every day is a school day 😎
  • @GrayDav4276 Yes, you are correct, the gas does not have a night/day rate. I must have been having a moment!

    However the issue does remain that there is a standing charge for gas which could be incorporated.

  • I have a Tado connected to an electric boiler used to heat a wet system (radiators). That is pretty common in UK city centre apartments. Energy IQ should be able to differenciate energy prices in homes where there is no gas so this would be a welcome new feature. Even better if Tado could be connected to a clamp on sensor to measure actual energy usage. I use a Shelly EM sensor for that purpose but I don't see any API integration for Tado's Energy IQ.