2 factor authentication


Todo has a web app!

It's not really comfortable to know someone can control your home just by having your login

2FA should be mandatory

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  • MichielTado
    MichielTado ✭✭✭
    edited March 2022

    Not happening any time soon.

    Jurian of Tado stated “We know that a small subset of "power users" is really interested in this. However, this is not something that the mass market cares for at this time. We are waiting for the right time to start looking into this.

    For some reason Tado believes that if their security unaware customers do not explicitly ask for 2FA, it is something nice to have for “power users” only.

    Imagine a bank using the same line of reasoning. Tado should know better.

  • Jentyk
    This is ridiculous. It demonstrates high level of ignorance to say that 2FA is nice to have in this kind of system.
    I do not live in a polar circle, but how about if someone switches my heating off in the middle of winter? Last night it was 6 degrees outside.
  • MrMase

    @Jentyk preaching to the choir as raised years ago and no response.

    Imagine these scenarios:

    1. Its freezing out and someone decides without MFA to turn off a pensioners heating.
    2. High gas prices and someone decides to set temperature offsets on devices and run at 25 (effectively 35) for each rooms running up their bills
    3. In addition to the above can force heating to run during summer months
    @Jurian you can't say in 2023 this is a nice to have anymore and this issue keeps coming up and will not go away.
  • I'm more bothered about some miscreant being able to see if I'm "at Home" or "Away"

  • woodyard
    edited November 2023
    So when is "the right time" for implementing 2FA? Is that when Tado has been hacked and user accounts have been leaked on the Dark Web, or what?