Set a maximum radiator temperature, to keep the boiler condensing efficiently.


Hi, Tado achieves a lot of its efficiency by modulating the boiler temperature. However, the variability in environmental temperature makes it very difficult to produce a room temperature profile that will not a some point be caught out, resulting in the boiler going to its maximum output temperature for a short period of time. This results in accelerated room warming, not a total disaster, but still inefficient. If we could combine Tado’s normally modulating activity with a user maximum setting, then we would have the best of both worlds. At the moment the only way for me to apply manual radiator temperature control, would require the disconnection of the Tado controller from my boiler, which is self defeating. It is estimated that reducing the radiator flow temperature to say 50/60 degrees could cut gas usage by 8%, which from a climate and cost point of view must be a good thing.😋

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