Unify AC V3+ experience with the rest of the Tado products



I have multiple Tado products in my home - 5x RTV, 1x Thermostat, 1x Home Bridge, 1x AC controller. The experience across these devices is so different that the AC controller almost feels like it was made by a different company (it is not great). Would it be possible to enable pairing of the AC controller with the Tado Home Bridge? That way, I have all my tado devices wired through the bridge, no need to keep one tado device completely alone on the wifi network and go through the hassle of updating the wifi password on it whenever it changes. Which, btw, that process and the experience of it is not ideal, to put it midly. Plus, it would maybe elimite the ever-so-happening AC V3+ 'connection lost' issues with integrations like HomeKit.


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  • Rob
    Rob | Admin

    The Smart AC Control does not have the physical ability to connect to the Internet Bridge. It does not have the correct antenna to do so. It is WiFi-only.

    It was designed as a stand alone device. As it's not powered by batteries, it was decided to use the WiFi communication protocol so AC customers won't need the Bridge (and its extra costs). The bridge and our heating devices use an extremely energy efficient radio frequency, because the heating devices are powered by batteries.

    I do see you point about the (lack of) ease of changing the password settings.

  • poopytardos

    Hey Rob, thanks for the answer. I understand the requirements for additional hardware and also why it was built this way, so that it could be a standalone product. However, in the next hw revision, I think it would make sense to unify the experience - where possible. Meaning, if customers, like myself, have the bridge, then they can pair it, if not, they use the 'standalone' version of it over wifi.

    As added benefit, the controller would work locally even if the (outbound) internet connection was out.