Tado 3-Way Controller

It would be great for Tado to develop a replacement to a 3 way controller.

I have 2 heating zones and a DHW.

Tado wired thermostats and radiator valves control the heating zones, but the 3 way controller has to be set so the heating is 'Always On' for Tado to control them. The water is still programmed by the 3-way controller.

3-Way Controller: ESi ES3247B

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  • I also mentioned the requirement of a 3 Channel controller to Tado some months ago. This is based in the UK as new build properties of a certain size are always fitted out with 3 channel controllers. Basically I was told the market is not big enough for Tado to consider a 3 channel controller. It just makes it a much more expensive solution as you have to join the Upstairs and downstairs zone vales to operate in parallel. Then you have to work out what to do with any wired thermostats you may have.

    However mine is in and woking now but I'm not sure if I will ever see a return on the investment I have made in the TADO equipment.