Wireless Smart Thermostat


I would like this feature to be considered by your community members -

To be able to turn on all radiators in the property at the touch of a button on the wireless smart thermostat, as you can on the App on a mobile phone/tablet - (Boost Heating All Rooms) - this to me is more convenient.

At present the wireless smart thermostat is located in the lounge where people normally reside in the evening, when I go to turn the heating on, it only turns on the radiator in the lounge?

Therefore we have to pick up a mobile phone/tablet to turn the heating on for the household, or ask Alexa to turn on - (each radiator in turn in the property) - Alexa is located in the lounge.

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  • You can set up an Alexa routine to turn on as many of your devices as you want.
    I use Alexa a lot for my tado° system.
    It's very easy to achieve.