Wi-Fi dropping out - and not communicating with all products in household.


Not sure if your Tado customers are aware that the problems they are encountering, are quite easily solvable 99 times out of 100.

I had the same problem when I installed a Ring door bell, the wi-fi router was at one end of the property and the ring door bell was at the other, and I could not control the Ring door bell as the signal strength was very week, especially when it is travelling through multiple walls.

My brother who is in IT, suggested the following product, as both himself and mum were both having the same problem over other products in the household.

The product is called - Tenda Nova MW3 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System - Ranging from £50-£150 depending on the size of your property.

You place the cubes so far apart, around the property which gives 100% wi-fi signal strength, anywhere around the home/garden, you then have 2 wi-fi routers, the one with your provider and the additional one you have just installed, and all your household gadgets can connect to either wi-fi router depending on which one has the most signal strength on the app.

Very user friendly.

Hope this has helped.

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    Not sure if you are aware......
    tado° Smart Thermostats do not operate via Wi-Fi.........the only tado°product that uses Wi-Fi is the Tado Smart AC
  • Manuel
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    Unfortunately we don't offer any range extender for the tado° product line and currently we don't have such a product in our development pipeline.

    You could try using a set of powerline network adapters to move the Internet Bridge to a central position in your house. Here the products that Amazon suggests https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=Powerline+Network+Adapters.

    If you have a mesh Wi-Fi router system you can also plug the Internet Bridge in the Ethernet port of one of the mesh units (if available). What I wouldn't suggest is plugging the Internet Bridge in the ethernet port of a Wi-Fi repeater. Most of the times the latency is not good when connecting a device to a Wi-Fi repeater. Doing this might cause problems, for example firmware updates might fail for your tado° devices.

    For more info about improving the communication among your tado° devices check out this article https://support.tado.com/en/articles/3479030