Hot Water 'Boost' Button - 30, 60, 90min options


We have been using TADO for 2 years - and its worked well, and so recently installed the Hot Water head unit.

We find that there is a big need to have a quick way to turn on the Hot Water for just enough time to heat the tank for one bath/shower or to heat the tank for a couple of bath/showers and then possibly even re-heat it leaving hot water for later on.

Idea: Please offer a Hot Water Boost button (ie Rocketship icon) - with options of 30 min, 60 min, and 90 min to allow someone to just get the hot water they need outside of the scheduled on/off times. This should be at the top of the Home screen with the Heating Boost button, and only present if the system can control hot water.

I assume most systems can heat a tank in 30 mins - but appreciate that there will be some variation.

Using the override up/down switch on the tile, is 'sub-optimal', due to forgetting to turn it back off, which happens a lot! But I am NOT asking to get rid of that switch - as you may want to force it on until the next schedule change.

Many thanks!


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  • GrilledCheese2

    "Using the override up/down switch on the tile, is 'sub-optimal', due to forgetting to turn it back off, which happens a lot!"

    @JamesU I think you've overlooked the Edit button. Click on the symbol that looks like a pencil ✏️, then set for 30, 60 or 90 minutes. You don't need to remember to switch the hot water off.

  • JamesU
    JamesU ✭✭
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    Hi @GrayDav4276 - Using Alexa - yes, good shout. Although I don't currently use Alexa for CH and hot water. The "Alexa, turn on my hot water " I do see is useful, but you have to turn it off too... as it doesn't revert to schedule.

    Worryingly, Alexa accepts the instruction "Alexa, turn on my hot water for 1 minute" and then turns on the hot water forever more ! Opps - hot water all night

    @tado_mod there is a big bug here in the Tado Voice Skill, where there should be a notification that the time clause will NOT work. Perhaps an opportunity therefore to make it work?- 12hrs of really expensive Oil burnt - not as if there is an Environment crisis!!

    Hi @GrilledCheese2 - I did know that with a few button clicks in from the home screen I can edit the time blocks. I couldn't see how to edit the quick action buttons at the top of the Home screen menu - if that was what you meant - which is what I want to see. Many thanks though.

    My ask here with this innovation idea is to have a single Quick Action button (or three) on the *front screen* where you can with *just one click* turn on the hot water for a designated short time only, having opened the TADO app .. no having to navigate in the depths of several button clicks and add-in a time block for the right day etc..

    Many thanks all. Greatly appreciated.

  • GrilledCheese2

    @JamesU you can create Tado buttons in IFTTT that you put in a widget on your phone's Home Screen. Even fewer clicks because you don't have to open the Tado app, just unlock your phone and press the desired boost button.

  • Graham_l

    I used to have Nest and you had a boost button for HW you selected how long to activate it for 30 mins 1 hr 2hrs ect then it switched off and then back to schedule.

  • JamesU

    This is a fair idea would you agree? - I cannot see why the App couldn't really have a simple timer option for this...

    Looking back - this really could do with a title update to add ... we are in an Environment & Energy Crisis too!

    I think this is still a valid idea/innovation that would the easy to implement for TADO.

  • Bogwil

    I was about to ask for the same enhancement.

    In my case it is due to fireplace I use with water coat which supplies radiators at home.

    Yesterday I found water almost boiling because thermostat closed water flow due to high temperature in rooms. It was no cooling, therefore water become very hot. This could be a disaster if water starts to boil, why it is not possible to fix "boost" until I disable it manually? Even if rooms' temperature will be exceptionally hot it is better than exploding tank.

    In general my radiators are supplied from the condensing boiler and with such source Tado does what is expected, when heat comes from the fireplace I'd like to keep "boost" forever, until I decide to switch it off. For fireplace there is no convenient method to stop the fire, therefore I prefer to keep boost forever.

    I fully support request @JamesU to give possibility to set the "boost" validity period. For me the most flexible option would be possibility to create several configurations like 'Turn off all rooms', 'Boost heating', 'Resume Schedule 1 (gas)' and 'Resume Schedule 2 (fireplace)'. Why to search for 3rd party tool to handle such task?

  • The_Martian
    edited April 2023
    New to Tado and came here looking for an answer to this - I realise this may not be exactly what the op was looking for and likely they’ve sorted it given the age of their post but may help others!

    Had already worked out that it’s possible to set up a limit when using the wireless thermostat to boost the hot water but thought it weird that you only had on/off control via the app.

    Another thread prompted me to look again; in the app, on the hot water control page when switching the water on, a little pencil icon appears at the bottom. If you tap this then you can set how long the manual over-ride lasts and this setting seems to be remembered for next time.
  • GazzaH

    You can set the Tado so that any temporary changes made on the app or the thermostat are limited to 30 minutes. If I want to boost my hot water I just turn it on this way and it does a countdown from 30 mins then goes off.

  • Wayne67
    Hi, did a hot water boost tile get added to the app so the water can be turned on or off