Hot Water 'Boost' Button - 30, 60, 90min options

We have been using TADO for 2 years - and its worked well, and so recently installed the Hot Water head unit.

We find that there is a big need to have a quick way to turn on the Hot Water for just enough time to heat the tank for one bath/shower or to heat the tank for a couple of bath/showers and then possibly even re-heat it leaving hot water for later on.

Idea: Please offer a Hot Water Boost button (ie Rocketship icon) - with options of 30 min, 60 min, and 90 min to allow someone to just get the hot water they need outside of the scheduled on/off times. This should be at the top of the Home screen with the Heating Boost button, and only present if the system can control hot water.

I assume most systems can heat a tank in 30 mins - but appreciate that there will be some variation.

Using the override up/down switch on the tile, is 'sub-optimal', due to forgetting to turn it back off, which happens a lot! But I am NOT asking to get rid of that switch - as you may want to force it on until the next schedule change.

Many thanks!


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  • GrayDav4276
    GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭
    Hi @JamesU
    Just wondered if you have Alexa..... I use my Alexa to control my CH and my hot water.
  • "Using the override up/down switch on the tile, is 'sub-optimal', due to forgetting to turn it back off, which happens a lot!"

    @JamesU I think you've overlooked the Edit button. Click on the symbol that looks like a pencil ✏️, then set for 30, 60 or 90 minutes. You don't need to remember to switch the hot water off.

  • JamesU
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    Hi @GrayDav4276 - Using Alexa - yes, good shout. Although I don't currently use Alexa for CH and hot water. The "Alexa, turn on my hot water " I do see is useful, but you have to turn it off too... as it doesn't revert to schedule.

    Worryingly, Alexa accepts the instruction "Alexa, turn on my hot water for 1 minute" and then turns on the hot water forever more ! Opps - hot water all night

    @tado_mod there is a big bug here in the Tado Voice Skill, where there should be a notification that the time clause will NOT work. Perhaps an opportunity therefore to make it work?- 12hrs of really expensive Oil burnt - not as if there is an Environment crisis!!

    Hi @GrilledCheese2 - I did know that with a few button clicks in from the home screen I can edit the time blocks. I couldn't see how to edit the quick action buttons at the top of the Home screen menu - if that was what you meant - which is what I want to see. Many thanks though.

    My ask here with this innovation idea is to have a single Quick Action button (or three) on the *front screen* where you can with *just one click* turn on the hot water for a designated short time only, having opened the TADO app .. no having to navigate in the depths of several button clicks and add-in a time block for the right day etc..

    Many thanks all. Greatly appreciated.

  • @JamesU you can create Tado buttons in IFTTT that you put in a widget on your phone's Home Screen. Even fewer clicks because you don't have to open the Tado app, just unlock your phone and press the desired boost button.

  • I used to have Nest and you had a boost button for HW you selected how long to activate it for 30 mins 1 hr 2hrs ect then it switched off and then back to schedule.

  • This is a fair idea would you agree? - I cannot see why the App couldn't really have a simple timer option for this...

    Looking back - this really could do with a title update to add ... we are in an Environment & Energy Crisis too!

    I think this is still a valid idea/innovation that would the easy to implement for TADO.