TADO heating/hot water controller error messages - viewer


We have been using TADO for 2 years, and recently upgraded with a TADO Hot Water/Heating controller unit. The installation was done by professionals, and it all works...

.. Except that the unit has the triangle warning light almost permanently on?!

No amount of fault finding and re-checking can seem to diagnose why it is almost always on. But if there was some way to see the error message maybe we would be wiser and can do something about if something was needed. To be clear sometimes it is not on... but everything seems to work!

Idea: On the app and in the web - please provide an Error Message viewer (with a translator) for mortals to understand what is wrong and what is needed.

Many thanks. JamesU

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  • Agree with this, new to Tado and have no idea what the actual issue is so end up running round like a headless chicken.
    Actually add to this there should be an advanced mode which allows full logs to be seen, Tado can see the info so why not end users who WANT to it.