Low battery heating demand should show on Care and Protect


When the low battery condition is triggered, the "care and protect" function says that the heating is not on, but it clearly is. The care and protect function should show, preferably, a message saying "heating demand due to freeze protection for room/valve change battery", or even just "heating 100% room".

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  • GrayDav4276


    Can you expand on your post, I can't fully understand what the issue is or what you are suggesting as an improvement........sorry if I'm being a bit thick......🤔

  • james1234
    Sure, my bad for a poor explanation.

    So usually in "Care and protect" section the app tells you if the heating is ON, and if so, in which rooms. Like "kitchen 20%".

    However, when a smart thermostat has very low batteries, it opens the radiator valve, and commands the heating to switch on, I'm guessing as a frost protection. In this case, the care and protect screen doesn't show that the heating is on at all (as long as there is no 'legit' demand from another thermostat). So in this case, the heating is on, but you don't know why! My suggestion is that the Care & Protect screen now says "heating is on due to low battery in room xyz"

    I guess you might say,I could just go and look which batteries are low, but actually batteries last way longer than the app says, and if I replaced them when commanded, I'd go through 100% more batteries,so usually I have a number of devices in low battery condition.