Zones or Seasons

We have all our thermostats set to 21 and so when it gets warmer they obviously switch off. But for rooms like the bathroom which don’t need to be warmer than 21 it’s good to still have in to help dry towels etc. so it might be good to have a seasonal setting which just boosts regularly the system automatically at a specific time of the day or we can set a summer schedule maybe?
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  • Ixnay

    I really think this is a good idea. In winter I have rooms set to start heating earlier. In spring and summer I have to adjust all the schedules and temperatures. A summer/winter setting would be great so we dont have to keep tweaking it.

  • nicmul83
    Yeah exactly, also there are a couple of radiators I don’t have thermostats on like the bathroom to dry the towels. And ideally I’d keep this on soldiering warmer days but have the rest switched off