Can we have a notification when someone turns heating on please.

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  • jowett69

    when am away from home, I would like to see a notification that someone as turned on the heating manually via app or any device.

  • I agree. I have the system programmed to come on in the morning and evening but periodically I check my phone and see someone has switched it on in the middle of the day / night so I switch it off. A notification alert that this has switched on OR a maximum of 30 mins boost per manual switch on would help me, as a landlady control these heating bills. If you are in your bed, with 2 duvets, why is the heating on overnight? All you’ll do is sweat into the bedsheets. It’s ridiculous. A notification would be more useful than an open window.
  • davidj
    I would like a notification if the humidity level or temperature level gets to high/ low
    This would be very useful !
  • Robotbagel

    I agree, I would like to get notifications when the outside temp is hotter than the inside temp, or have a choice of setting when to receive a notification to close the window when leaving it open won't longer cool my room.