Energy IQ cost to account for standing charge

I find the estimated gas cost estimate to be reasonably good, but the cost shown is for the consumption cost only.

It would be useful for option to include the cost of daily standing charge such that the total month prediction / comparison reflects the total bill for gas not just the consumption.
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  • wateroakley
    wateroakley ✭✭✭

    @Phillip_PAL we find the online info interesting, but use our own data (with excel) to figure out the real energy tco.

  • All UK energy suppliers charge a standing charge - would TADO add this option!?
  • In the UK the daily charge is now a significant part of the bill, no longer a few pence. Be good to add this feature and default to zero for anyone who doesn't need it.

  • Definitely agree with this, would be most useful
  • Two things here.

    1) I too live in the UK and it would most definitely be of great help if we could enter our daily standing charge as well as our kWh or Cupic Meterage.

    This shouldn't be a huge development and would undoubtedly help Tado to develop their international markets.

    2) Is it just me that finds it frustrating trying to find threads on the topics you like to input on. AI would help here guys

  • I'm not sure how easy it would be to implement the daily charge data. None of the UK utility companies have implemented this into their apps. But it would be interested to see if tado could be the first.

  • Have a look at the Hugo app
  • Came here to +1.

    Consumption as m3 is beneficial, but £ isn't helpful unless we add other additional regional/supplier charges to the tariff, such as a daily standing charge.

    Furthermore, for £ accuracy, we also need to be able to add two decimal points to both the tariff rate and the daily standing charge (i.e. 7.49p ≠ 7.09p).