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Hi have read your summary of missing / development requests. Is there any movement on these.

I am frustrated that there is no way of viewing the log activity for room temperature, boiler control, manual interference, who did what and when.

There are spurious times when the heating or water comes on and I don’t know why. A log would show me where to look.

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  • Same issue here. A number of times in the last few weeks receiver calling for heat, all rooms off. No way to see why. The room logs won't show any heat called so no energy use. Great you saved 47% of your energy this month.
    I'm starting to think Tado have shares in Gas
  • Exactly the same issue here. All heating set to off then suddenly one room decides to revert to the schedule. Contacting support is a waste of time and never gets the root cause. Let me view activity logs. Would love to see the method of used to set temperature controls. They must exist because we can choose to send them but not view them.
  • I was also hoping to find something like this. But mainly for the benefit of being able to diagnose assess any connection issues to the internet bridge etc including the connection of the bridge to the internet.

    I had some initial battery drain issues in the valves but had no means to tell why at the time and ended up moving the bridge about the house for a few weeks at a time until I seemed to be getting proper battery life. I still have no means to tell how good/solid the connection is to my devices now.