Smart AC Control to turn off AC unit when desired temperature is reached

Could it be possible to add a feature to the Smart AC Control that would allow for AC unit to turn off automatically when the desired temperature is reached, and then, when the Smart AC control detects that the temperature has raised 0.5-1 degrees over, to turn on the AC unit again? At the present moment, using the Smart Schedule and having the AC unit in Automatic, once the Smart AC control reaches the set temperature, the AC still cools down the room, even though the fan spins slower. It would be nice to save that energy by completely turning it off and on. Almost like the Tado Smart Thermostat works with the home boiler. Thank you.

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  • This would definitely be useful, although it may be annoying at night as the AC will probably beep / guide fins may move every time it turns on or off.

    Personally, I would like the option to just turn the AC on at a set temperature, and then leave it on for the rest of the time block with the AC controlling the temperature to the set value.

  • Yes… you are right. That would be nice. The smart AC control should be able to change the AC temperature values to maintain the same temperature in the room as set on the smart AC control for that block time.