Status of each thermostat valve position

Build a function into the settings menu where you can see the status of each thermostat, if the valve is open and how open it is. It would be nice, when you are troubleshooting.

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  • I'd like that as well, to save cluttering the interface it could have a similar approach to YouTube i.e. "stats for nerds" (when you right click on a video) and be tucked away in the settings.
  • +1 this would be extremely useful to me right now!
  • Is this not the. ‘I’, ‘II’, ‘III’ in the display for each TRV . Therefore 4 positions, OFF. Plus the 3 open settings.

  • Hey_youth, I think you may be correct but it is not exactly clear. There are times when my valve (s) show a single ~ but the boiler doesn't run. I assume therefore that the Tado system is holding the valve open but not calling for heat, perhaps sitting idle and holding back to prevent temperature overshoot. It would be useful to inquisitive minds to know exactly what the valve is doing in terms of position and boiler control.