Moved into a house with a missing Internet Bridge


I have just bought a house and moved in over the weekend just gone.

We didn't have any instructions from the previous owner about how the hot water and heating system other than to use the Tado thermostat to control the temperature and turn the hot water on or off.

On day one we went over to the thermostat to try and turn the hot water on however nothing happened in the boiler.

After doing a bit of research online it looks like there are three parts to the Tado system:

  • Thermostat (see photo)
  • Extension kit (see photo)
  • Internet bridge

We searched the house top to bottom and all we can find is the thermostat and the extension kit bandut no internet bridge.

We have contacted the previous owners and unfortunately they aren't aware of the internet bridge so I suspect it was installed by someone else and then accidentally disposed of when they removed their internet router.

We aren't familiar with the Tado system so I could really do with some help answering a few questions:

  1. Is there a way to get the hot water system to work using only the two components we have? We have tried using the 'master switch' button on top of the extension kit however this only seems to fire up the central heating and not the hot water. Pressing the controls on the thermostat also seems to achieve nothing, I'm assuming this is because the internet bridge is needed to allow them to 'talk' to each other.
  2. If we order a replacement internet bridge from Tado will it definitely be compatible with the other equipment we have, or have they changed over time (photos attached for info)?
  3. Is there an easy way to isolate the boiler from the Tado system so we can control hot water and heating using the buttons on the front of the boiler?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


  • 1. According to this you should be able to control both heating and hot water manually from the extension kit. I’m afraid that’s the only control there is.

    You’re right that the thermostat won’t do anything without the bridge.

    2. Although I can’t see the photos I’m fairly certain it will be ok.

    3. The easiest way would be to open up the extension kit - with the power off - and remove the wires and then seal them off, particularly live and neutral. However your boiler will need an in built timer to turn on the heating and you’ll need a separate hot water controller if you have a tank.
  • Thanks for getting back to me.

    1. I've just tried the instructions you linked and the only setting that seems to do anything is when the light is solid on - I imagine this is because previous settings when the internet bridge was disconnected were just off for both the hot water and heating. Moving to this setting fires up the boiler and seems to start heating the house but I don't think it triggers the hot water as the symbol on the boiler doesn't flash. Also, when I tried turning the heating off on the boiler but leaving the hot water on it stopped doing anything at all. I will have to do a test run to see if any hot water comes out - it may be that the only way to have hot water is to also have the heating on.
    2. Thanks and sorry the pictures didn't upload,I can't seem to get them to attach hopefully they will work this time.
    3. That sounds a bit tricky and maybe not a permanent fix, I think I'll just have to buy the internet bridge!
  • Do you have a combi boiler or a system (with a tank)? If it’s a combi you should be able to get hot water on demand, if it’s a system it will be more complicated. You could try leaving the l and n wires in place in the extension kit and removing the other wires (but still sealing them off) but you’re right, it’s not a long term solution. Depends how urgently you need hot water and heating.
  • Thanks, that's been really helpful. I'm going to order the replacement internet bridge.

    I think the main thing is just knowing that the thermostat won't work without the internet bridge. The previous said they used the thermostat and that they have never had an internet bridge but I think they must have just lost it during the move or not been aware it existed!

  • Surprising they didn't know it existed unless it was separate from their Internet router.

    Do you have any network cables where the router was located? Perhaps it's been relocated to give better coverage and you just need to find it
  • @davidlyall we did wonder that but we've searched high and low with no luck unfortunately.