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Setting Schedule in actual minutes...

New user, installed today -

Is it possible to setting Schedules in actual minutes not 15 minute increments?

And, if not why not?



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  • NutterNutter
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    Thank you. Support recommend the same thing and I have raised the topic.

    Thanks again.


  • Hello Nutter,

    The Smart Schedule can be set in minimum periods of 15 minutes because the systems we are to control either in heating or cooling, will not make any impact in the temperature in less time than that (and only ACs will be really affecting so fast), so it wouldn't make sense to set the heating on for 9 minutes, as it won't be causing barely any effect.

    With the 15 minutes minimum you can set up to 96 different time blocks in a day, if the case would be that something like that is required.



  • NutterNutter
    edited September 2019

    Ok. My only problem with that is that my system needs to be on for 7 or 9 minutes.

    It is a very large house with a boiler in the basement. The way it is wired the boiler and the pump come on together. Having it on for 9 minutes first thing in the morning heats the water up enough to get the thermal siphon going for hot water. 15 minutes is too long as the boiler thermostat cuts out after 8-9 minutes and then the pump moves the heat away.

    Maybe you could re-look at this and leave it up to users to decide how to program schedules.


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