child proof fixation of the radiator thermostat

The radiotor thermostat comes loose way to easy. My 14 months old kid had it loose in no time. What is the point of having a child protection mode in the software, if the hardware is not child proof.

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  • My kid also removes the Tado thermostat from fitting. He removes the thermostat then removes the Batteries. Any suggestions on how to make this child safe. As I don’t want him sucking/eating a battery. Or damaging the thermostat.
    I purchased and installed the radiator thermostat as he kept adjusting temperature on old manual thermostat. The child lock feature was what appealed to me.
    I have already invested in Tado system for the boiler controls etc so really don’t want to have to find a new system.
    Any recommendation on how to make this child safe. As my current fix of removing the thermostat when he is in his room is not sustainable.
    Gaffa tape is an option. Or maybe I could drill a screw to secure the release mechanism.
  • The Tado trv needs to come off easily so you can change the batteries. Sounds like in both your cases you’d be better off having the trv in some kind of cage and then a wireless temp sensor on the wall where your kids couldn’t get to it.
  • It comes off too easy. Appreciate that access to the the batteries is required. But there is fine line between making something that an “adult” can remove easily and something an “enfant” can remove easily.
    There are plenty of gadgets out there that can lend design ideas for child safe battery access.
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    In fact, it's quite easy to remove any valve head (smart or not) not just tado°, unscrew the cap and voila!

  • At least for the screw part you usually need some strenght, or even a wrench, and turn it round and round. Tado just needs to be turned a couple of degrees, and it's loose.
    There is an How-to here somewhere that shows a good way of adding a screw to secure the tado knob's parts.