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Would like to be able to overwrite the programmed schedule, but in anticipation.

Ie if I know that tomorrow morning I will have to wake up 1hr earlier than usual, I'd like to preschedule my heating to go on 1hr earlier, but not have to adjust my regular schedule as it's for 1 time only.

Right now, I'm only able to adjust the regular schedule (which allows to anticipate, but then I would have to revert it to the original setting manually afterwards), or the heating of the moment itself (but then I'll have a cold start of my early morning).

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  • GrilledCheese2

    There's 3 schedules per room. You can use the 7 day schedule as the default that gives you the finest level of control. Then use either the 5+2 or 1 day schedule to give you an alternative option when needed.

  • jdj1930

    That's not really solving my issue. I want to make a one-off change, ie only for a specific day.

    So be able to tell the system: "hey, only for tomorrow morning: start heating at 5am instead of 7am as usual".

    Like having an alarm that only rings once as opposed to every day.